Passero is a brand which empowers and identifies with millennial women, making her look more graceful. Additionally, it boosts her confidence, providing her with synced comfort and fit – something which is a necessity in today’s carefree society.

Every Individuals style is unique, its something not dependent upon the pricing tag. It evolves from within. Hence, a one size fit all policy cannot be accepted in this industry. Reflecting on this demand, we have specialized our apparel according to the changing society’s needs. We make you stand out by providing extra effort to details that are often missed, i.e. delicate stitches and varying silhouettes. At the same time be assured, we do not compromise on fabric, giving you a perfect blend of fashion and comfort.

It was established in 2004 with a passion of garments and textile industry. The primary objective was to cater to the international market. We now present to you Passero, a brand solely for women. Our team is exceptionally experienced and takes care of the quality that matches with current trends. We are an all-women online store dedicated to all body shapes. We take extra effort in ensuring that the best is brought to you- irrespective of age and body-size. We believe style statement is not just about to look, but a sense of comfort that keeps your body at sync with each other.

What Passero offers?

From casual to formal wear, we would like to bring out the best in you for all occasions. A new outfit brings eternal happiness to any woman, We believe in bringing that happiness to her and perpetuating the same. After all, “happiness spread is happiness gained and enjoyed.”

We offer a wide range of products including but not limited to western wear, western dresses, tops, skirts, tees, polo tee shirts, formal wear, office wear, casual tops, formal tops, beautiful dresses, designer clothes, summer clothes, stylish dress etc. We benchmark our quality standards to meet the expectations of our customer.

We believe, all women are naturally creative and understand fashion and dressing instinctively. It is this ability that brings out the grace in her and makes her feel good.

It is our endeavour to encourage more and more women to work and support in the upliftment of the society. A good presentation and outstanding personality change the way the world looks at them, with this thought in mind, we present a range of formal outfits for business casual women.

Passero is a brand by women for women. We encourage and support women entrepreneurs’ in order to bring out the best in styling. After all, a woman understands the needs, body and expectation of a woman.

A good outfit brings both comfort and style and makes you feel at ease. A feeling of happiness that can never be described comes along with the use of bright, elegant and joyful colours. Colours are natural mood setters and bring shine to our personality. Our range includes all elegant colours to help you style yourself elegantly with mix and match.